- About Streamline -

Streamline is a streaming media web application written in php. By taking advantage of the HTTP streming support in most modern media players, Streamline allows you to access your media library from remote machines in an on-demand manner. Unlike icecast/shoutcast iservers, which act like radio stations and do not let the user choose what they want to hear, Streamline allows users to browse their entire media library and, with a click of a button, listen to whatever they want. Simply choose a media file or set of files and they being to play immediately on your local media player.

Streamline was designed to be highly configurable and utilizes customizable visual themes. The goal is to provide a feature rich media server that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing web site. With a small amount of work streamline can be set up to match the visual style of you existing site. This means the users of your site do not have to be aware that you are using a third-party tool.

Installation is simple and includes a web based wizard. Other features include user based authentication, media library searching (based on artist, title, album, etc.), logs and statistic generation and more. For a more in depth feature listing please visit the features page.