Streamline - An open source PHP streaming media server.    

version 1.0-beta4 (08/26/2005):
* The playlist add buttons for installations with a media server root of "/" now works (BUG #1040785).
* Added a cookie base "Remember Me" option for loging in (RFE #1018123).
* It is now possible to search based on the media's filename (Henk van Lingen).
* Searching is now case insensative (Henk van Lingen).
* Added the ability to assign browse/stream/dl/ privileges on a per-user basis.
* Implemented the gathering and presentation of several statistics.
* Added support for the IIS Web Server.
* Improved and abstracted the presentation of the log files.
* Added the ability to truncated the log files.
* Implemented the clean database feautre.
* Completely re-wrote the theme architecture to make more aspects themable.
* The default theme was re-written.
* Added the Cool Tabs theme.
* Enhanced the installer to include upgrade and repair options.
* Optimized code based on PHP's pass by reference.
* Implemented the Clean DB admin function.
* A invalid login now diaplays an error message above the login dialog (BUG #1018201).
* PHP notice messages have been largely removed (BUG #1015774).

version 1.0-beta3 (09/12/2004):
* Removed a syntax error in the M3UGenrator that broke playlist generation (Bug #1026952).

version 1.0-beta2 (09/08/2004):
* Fixed the missing SLDataBase error when installing without auto creating the database (Bug #1023414).
* Fixed a bug on windows that put errant '\' chars in the stream urls in the m3u files (Bug #1022875).
* Fixed the missing error message when creating a MySQL database (Bug #1023654).

version 1.0-beta1 (09/01/2004):
* Implemented SQLite backend database support.
* Implemented searching based on media info information (title, author, album etc.).
* Implemented support for XMMS Compatibility (user:pass@host URLs in the m3u files).
* Added support for custom user playlists.
* Added support for running under Windows.
* Fixed php max execution timeout error when streaming (Bug #1016891).
* Implemented downloading and the logging of downloads.
* Implemented http user agent access control on a per service basis.
* Implemented IP based access control on a per service basis.
* Implemented automated Media Info Cache and Media DB maintenance scripts.
* Rewrote the main administrative interface.
* Playlist opened in IE now load properly in windamp (Bug #1016993).
* Fixed the handling of seeking via the HTTP Range header (Bug #1012903).
* Fixed JavaScript error relating to popup windows in IE (Bug #1016909).
* Added the Simple Dark theme.
* Added support for streamin ogg files.
* Added configuration for what media types the server will stream.
* Fixed a bug where symbols (#,&,? ,etc.) in paths cause problems with browsing and streaming (Bug #803880).
* Improved the browsing interface.
* Removed an enormous amount of php notice messages (Bug #1015774).
* Updated the Web Installation Wizard.
* Features that use pop-up windows now work with IE (Bug #1016909).
* Restructured the layout so that the src, docs, and bin files are in their own directories.
* Added an anonymous install reporting option.
* Updated the documentation.

version 1.0-alpha5 (06/30/2004):
* The config dir is now created by the (Bug #979731).

version 1.0-alpha4 (05/13/2004):
* Fixed a bug in the MySQL database init script that prevented the
* browse and stream logs from working.

version 1.0-alpha3 (04/22/2004):
* The year in the ID3 Viewer is now formatted correctly (Bug #803941).
* M3U files are not sent without proper authorization (Bug #806737).
* The images in the auth failure page are pathed correctly now (Bug #806738).
* "Unknown File" is no longer sent in the m3u files when the title is missing in the id3 tag (Bug #806763).
* Implemented the Database Backend system. MySQL and PostgreSQL support completed.
* Removed flat file configuration.
* MP3 Sorting algorithm optimized.
* Logging now includes the username if the user is logged in.
* Restructured directories for a cleaner install.
* Added a web administrative interface.
* Added a web based configuration editor to the admin interface.
* Added a configuration tester to the admin interface.
* Added a web based user manager to the admin interface.
* Updated web based installer to install for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
* Added online web help system.
* Update documentation to reflect changes.

version 1.0-alpha2 (9/15/2003):
* Added support for seeking throught the HTTP Range request header.
* The default theme does not dislpay the files section if the directory contains only non-mp3 files.
* MP3s are now sorted according to the SortOrder config option when browsing.
* Generated m3u files are now named according to the file or directory that is being streamed.
* Added authentication for browsing and streaming.
* Now using ant for packaging releases.

version 1.0-alpha1 (09/04/2003):
* This is the first public release of Streamline.