This page contains the latest development versions of Streamline. There may be months in between official releases. In that time features that you are specifically interested in may have been implemented. The builds here will almost always be more up to date than the official release.

Development versions are not tested like official releases. There is no gaurantee that they will install and work properly

That being said there are two types of developement builds, the stable and the nightly. The stable builds are made at milestone points durring developement. When cvs reaches a point where new features, or changes have reach a stable point, a stable build will be made. Stable builds are tested minimally. Nightly builds are built automatically every night regardless of the state of the source code. These are usefull for people who want to test and debug the latest version of the code.

If you are uncertain about any of this we recommend using the stable builds.

Stable Builds
Snapshot Last Modified Size
streamline_20041021.tar.gz 21 Oct 04 542.9Kb
streamline_20041001.tar.gz 01 Oct 04 536.69Kb
streamline_20040924.tar.gz 24 Sep 04 531.11Kb
streamline_20040901.tar.gz 01 Sep 04 431.03Kb
Nightly Builds
Snapshot Last Modified Size