- Streamline Features -

This list of features is not exhaustive. The main features of commet interest are listed. If you have question if a featuer exists or you would like to suggest a feature please contact the project administrator.

Support Media
  • MP3
  • OGG Vorbis
Support Media Players
  • Winamp
  • XMMS
  • Windows Media Player

  • Note: The above listed media players represent those that have been tested with Streamline Any media play that supports M3U Playlist files, HTTP streaming and the media type you wish to stream should be compatible with Streamline.

User Features
  • On Demand Streaming
  • Media Library Browser
  • Media Library Searching
  • Custom Playlist Builder
  • Saving/Loading Custom Playlists
  • Media Info Viewer (id3 tags, vorbiscomment, etc)
  • Account Manager (change password, playlist options)
Administrative Features
  • Web Based Server Configuration
  • User Account Management (create, modify, delete users)
  • Stream, Browse, Download and Error log viewer
  • Server Statistics
  • Access Control(User Based, IP Based, HTTP Agent Based)
  • Database Maintenance
Misc Features
  • Customizable Themes
  • Web Based Installer