- Next Version -

This section outlines the things that are planned for the next release of Streamline. If a check mark appears next to a given item, it means that the feature has been implemented in the CVS version and should appear in one of the latest CVS Snapshots. It should be noted that features that are listed as implemented may not function 100% complete. The status indicates that the bulk of the work to implement this feature has been implemented but it does not speak to that feature being tested and stable.


FeatureDescriptionStatusScreen Shots
Enhanced Theme Control The theme system is to be upgraded so that more elements of Streamline are governed by the theme. This includes theming the admin interface, the My Account section, the media info viewer, navigation elements and more items in the browser. X X
Support for Non Apache Browsers Streamline relies on several Apache only features. Support for browsers that do not have these features (such as IIS) should be implemented. The support must be implemented in a way that allows Apache users to not "lose" and functioanlity. X X
Upgrade Support A mechanism for upgrading a current Stremaline installation needs to be devised. X X
Statistics Usage statistics will be collected and presented to the server administrators. X X
User Based Privileges Privileges for Browsing, Streaming, Downloading and Administrator privileges wll all be assignable on a per-user basis. X X
Code Optimization Streamline doesn't use the pass-by-reference mechanism built into php. This means that data is unecessarily copied (often multiple times). This will be fiexd. X X
Remember Login Option Streamline will allow the user to choose to have their login information remembered via http cookies. This will allow them to not have to log in again, on subsequent visits. X X
Improved Admin Navigation The administrative interface has several levels of nested pages and options. This means that the user has to click ok or back several time to get back up the "tree". This will be addressed. Additioanly a more consistent feel for navigation will be implemented. X X
Database Maintenance An mechanis to ensure Database Integrtiy will be implemented. This will include the pruging of orphaned records. X X