- Streamline Requirements -

This list of requirements is meant to describe the environemtns that Streamline is known to work in. Just because you don't meed the requirements doesn't mean that Streamline won't work, it just means that we don't know for sure how it will behave.

Supported Web Servers:
  • Apache >= 1.24
  • Apache >= 2.40
  • IIS (as of 1.0 Beta 4)

Supported Databases:
  • MySql
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

Supported PHP Versions:
  • PHP4 >= 4.3
  • PHP5

  • Note: The CGI version of PHP in not tested. Only the web server specific compiled modules are knonw to work.

Required PHP Extensions:
  • One of the following Database Extensions: pgsql, mysql, sqlite.
  • For graphical statistics: gd.

Supported Web Browsers:
  • Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari